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Rockville Rays FAQ

1. What is the difference between Rockville Rays summer swim team versus RMSC?
Rockville Rays is a summer swim team belonging to the Montgomery County Summer League ( MCSL). Rockville Montgomery Swim Club is a year-round swim club registered with USA Swimming. For more information about RMSC, check out the RMSC website. Although both teams are competitive, Rockville Rays is more oriented for fun and social.

2. Can you join both RMSC and Rockville Rays?
Yes. In fact, many RMSC swimmers are members of the Rays.

3. Why are there different levels of registration fees? What does the registration fee cover?
The REGISTRATION FEE covers the MCSL team dues, team newsletter, coaches’ gifts, and other incidentals. The PROGRAM FEES cover coaches’ salaries, the use of the pools and other things.

4. If a swimmer or swimmer parent has a problem, who does he or she contact?
It depends on the type of the problem. For facility related problems, contact the front desk. For swim related technical questions and concerns, contact the coaches through email or before or after practice, NOT during. For swim team administrative issues, contact the A Rep or B Rep. If you are not sure, ask the A or B Rep.

5. How the parents get directions to the swimming sites?
Our web site provides maps and directions to all the pools we'll swim at this season. For directions to other pools, go to MCSL  Team Information.

6. What is an All-Star qualifying time?
Check the MCSL website All-Star Information to find all-star nominating times and standings for each event. The top 16 compete in the Individual All-Star Meet.

7. How are the swimmers assigned to A or B meets?
Our season has two series of dual meets at two levels of competition - the faster ‘A’ meets are limited in the number of competitors per event; the ‘B’ meets are open to any swimmer, except for events they have swum in an ‘A’ meets. Parents are responsible for signing up their swimmer for the ‘B’ meets, using the calendar on this website. Please sign up by the end of practice on the Tuesday before each ‘B’ meet. The fastest 6 freestyle swimmers and the top 3 in all other events and age groups will compete in the ‘A’ meets. Each swimmer is limited to 3 individual events plus the Individual Medley per meet. The lineups will be posted at EARLIEST the Thursday before each ‘A’ meet.

8. Where can I find the A meet and B meet schedules?
You can find our meet schedule on our website's calendar. The full “A” meet schedule is also on the MCSL web site.

9. How are swimmer complaints resolved?
All complaints should be expressed to the team rep. Each complaint is addressed and resolved on its merits.

10. What are the Rays social events?
You can find Rays social events on our calendar. There is a party on the Outdoor Deck at the pool every Friday during the season, and a team banquet after it.

11. I just want my child to learn swimming, should the child join the swim team?
Yes. Many of our 8 & Under swimmers are still learning their strokes. However, your child must be able to swim a minimum of 25 Meters in order to join the team.

12. What kind of swimming instruction should I expect from Rays coaches?
In general, the Rays coaches teach swimmers how to swim competitively and efficiently. We also have a certified stroke coach/parent available at the swim center to give special instructions to individual swimmers. It is not the intent of the swim team to teach basic swimming.

13. What are the expected roles of swimmers, parents, coaches and others supporting the team?
The expected role of a swimmer is to follow instructions from the coaches, team reps and other team event reps. The coaches are expected to work with all swimmers to make swimming a fun, organized and enjoyable event for the kids. The swim team organizers are expected to make summer swimming competitive and fun for the entire family. Parents are expected to participate and lend their support to swim team events. During practice, parents should stay off the pool deck and wait until after practice or before practice to ask any questions

All parents are expected to volunteer at swim meets and other events. Sign up for jobs on the calendar page.

14. How do we spend the money we raise?
We use the money to buy equipment and things like the laptop computer and printer for meet automation, stop watches, starter equipment, tents, coffee pots, coolers, Friday afternoon party supplies, trophies, bonus for coaches, and many other things. This keeps the team registration fee lower.

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